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Who we are

Being in the implementation phase of its investment project, It currently has 7 employees. it expects to have around 52 employees in the cruise year.

It offers skills in design engineering, simulation, multidisciplinary in different materials, technological processes, electronics and automation, thermal and energy systems. The team has capabilities in the design, manufacture, assembly and on-site installation of turnkey solutions.

Criaz Invent was founded on March 24, 2020, with the aim of creating innovative solutions to respond to the sustainability challenges that humanity faces. It is the result of the knowledge accumulated over the last 30 years of its professionals.

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Contribute with our talent, competence, dedication and integrity in our areas of activity to build a more sustainable society, with better quality of life and harmony between humans and nature.


Developing solutions enabling responses to the global challenges that the humanity faces, the needs of clients, based in continuous innovation.



Creating conditions to human life be harmonious, universal and timeless, respecting the economic, social and environmental dimensions founded on a  individual and collective progress strategy.

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