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with continuous innovation

Our Mission

Developing solutions enabling responses to the global challenges that the humanity faces, the needs of clients, based in continuous innovation.

Our Vision

Creating conditions to human life be harmonious, universal and timeless, respecting the economic, social and environmental dimensions founded on a  individual and collective progress strategy.


About Us

Solutions to respond
to humanity's challenges

A skilled company in Engineering and production with multidisciplinary technologies Fields like:  metal working, cutting, forming, welding and assembling, tooling (mould & dies); machinery -mechatronics & automation; power generation and storage in thermal and electrical systems.

Sobre nós


of activity

Laser corte de aço

Metal fabrication

Precision Metalworking unit that includes:

- Production of components in thin sheet metal, their moulds/dies and tools.

- Structural parts and assemblies.


Unit comprising production of:

- Ultra precision components, their moulds/dies and tools in metal/plastic and advanced materials.

- Ultra precision components for mechatronics solution modules.

corte a laser
corte a laser

Production Systems

Unit that includes:

- Assembly of mechatronic assemblies/modules.

- Machines and integrated automation solutions for various industries.

Energy and Propulsion

Unit that includes:

- Development and production of energy & propulsion solutions to respond to the challenge of the green deal: Renewable energies, and Technologies to reduce pollutant emissions, CO2, NOx, CH4 and energy consumption.

Aquecedor solar de água


Architecture and Civil Construction
Equipment goods / Machine tools
Optics / Photonics
Electronics/ Automation/ Home + Building Automation
Consumer goods

Quality policy commitment:

Environmental sustainability

Social responsibility

Energy efficiency

Improved product functionality

Improved quality of life

Satisfying customer needs and expectations

Satisfying value creation expectations for partners

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Innovate in design and commercialization of solutions for the global challenges that humanity faces.


Main Office

+351 252 138 400


+351 252 082 673


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+351 252 083 745

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